Uber pays for bug tracking in the application

Many companies pay outsiders for finding vulnerabilities in their software. Uber has also joined their group and offers a small amount to anyone who will find a hole in her application.

Uber, which continues to expand its range of services, has decided to take care of its core business, a mobile app that lets you call a taxi.

The company has just announced a completely new bug search system, where everyone has the chance to earn $ 10,000 if they find a critical bug in a corporate application. But this is not a one-off action, as with those people Uber wants to establish a long-term cooperation and will pay them in addition if they agree to continue to search for gaps and errors.

$ 10,000 is a critical error rate, but you can also earn a little money for finding vulnerabilities. For such a company pays $ 3,000. Whenever someone succeeds within the first 90 days of a program detecting four vulnerabilities, he or she can count on a bonus of 10 percent of the amount received for the vulnerabilities reported during that period.