The subcutaneous implant protects against HIV

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has presented the latest invention. It is a modern subcutaneous implant that significantly reduces the risk of HIV infection.

In certain occupations, such as doctors, paramedics or police, the risk of HIV infection is much higher, so you need to use different methods to protect against such an event. As a preventive measure, special drugs are used, which do not completely protect them but significantly reduce the probability of infection, such as contact with the patient’s blood.

However, it is a bit burdensome for such a person, because you have to remember to take regular medication, because only then they provide protection. Thanks to Bill and Linda Gates Foundation’s money, we have developed a special implant that eliminates this problem and reduces the risk of infection. It is not a vaccine, but a subcutaneous device that uses the drug delivery system developed by Intarcia.