Sarah Brightman sings on the ISS

Although Lady Gaga’s concert in space, which was to be held aboard the Virgin Galactic shuttle, is likely to be canceled, so we will soon have the opportunity to hear the first concert in space. In autumn ISS will visit famous opera singer Sarah Brightman.

Last year, Richard Branson planned to hold the first space gig that Lady Gaga was to give onboard the Virgin Galactic shuttle. Unfortunately, the SpaceShipTwo disaster has hampered these plans and added to the fact that most of the cosmopolitan tourists have returned to previously purchased tickets.

Even so, the space concert will be held, as this year’s International Space Station will be named by well-known opera singer Sarah Brightman, 54-year-old soprano, to spend $ 52 million to spend 10 days in the Russian part of the station. And by the way, give her a live concert on her, which will be the first of its kind in space.

Of course, the singer can not go to the rocket and go to the ISS. First, he must undergo a six-month training in the Russian Star City near Moscow, which is scheduled for September 1st and will last until September 11, when the artist returns to Earth. The training includes psychological and physical testing as well as emergency landing and survival training.

If the expedition comes to fruition, Brightman will be the eighth private person to set foot on the ISS. It is worth adding that the first cosmic tourist who came to the station was Dennis Tito, who went there in 2001, paying a $ 20 million trip. Much more, for as much as 35 million dollars, paid for the expedition Guy Laliberté, director Cirque du Soleil, who flew in 2009.

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As you can see, the singer will have to pay the most out of all the cosmic tourists.