Samsung presents a notebook with a transparent screen

Browse the computer – out. Samsung certainly should not be surprised that its notebook stand attracts a large number of people. This should not be a surprise, because you can see a really remarkable notebook at the stand.

Samsung has prepared a prototype notebook with a fourteen-inch OLED display. The first thing is obviously the size of this type of display, but not even she is astonished. This is the largest OLED display ever seen in a consumer device that is transparent! This means that on screen you can see not only what the computer displays but also what is behind the matrix.

The maximum permeability of the Samsung OLED matrix is ​​40%, although the “standard” so far has been less than 25%. Certainly Samsung’s new solution will inspire extreme opinions – from extremely positive to extremely critical.

Now it’s enough to do with this touch screen and we can just let go of the fantasy!

Remember, however, that using a transparent OLED display on your notebook can only be an attempt to show that you can create it in such a large form. So far, a similar solution has been seen in the XPERIA Pureness portable player. But here the display is only 1.8 inches diagonally.

It is not known yet when Samsung wants to launch mass production of computers with this type of display.