NSA reveals 91% of gaps found

NSA, the National Security Agency, became famous thanks to Snowden, who revealed her methods for surveillance around the world. Apart from eavesdropping around, apart from eavesdropping, we also include vulnerabilities in software of various types. Agency chiefs boast that about 91 percent of openings are exposed.

In addition to its routine operations, the NSA also frequently searches for vulnerabilities in electronic software such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices, and its agents boast that they reveal as many as 91 percent of the vulnerabilities that hardware makers could patch.

Of course, the NSA does not care about the security of its citizens, but solely for its own purposes. According to Reuters, referring to current and former government representatives, the agency searches for these errors primarily to use them independently before they are publicly disclosed. In short, it uses them for surveillance of citizens.

The NSA claims that disclosing open gaps is a complex process that requires a joint decision of several agencies, as I have already mentioned, they can be very useful for intelligence activities. The NSA representatives, however, say that it is usually the decision to open the gap, although this may hinder further action.

However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation claims openly that the NSA uses the collected data for its activities, including spying and cyberattacks. Foundation representatives also stressed that the agency was repeatedly sued by the agency, demanding wider access to this information.