Further evidence for the early launch of Nexus 9

For a few days, the media speculates on the release date of the latest Nexus 9 tablet, which, according to unofficial reports, is set to make its debut this week. More evidence has emerged that the launch of the new device, to be manufactured by HTC, will take place tomorrow.

While the Nexus family can not match the popularity of Samsung, LG, or Motorola, they are a very interesting alternative. Especially because they have a good class of components, and the operating system is basic, so there are no unnecessary overlays.

Google policy assumes that every next device is built by another company, so the newest Nexus 9 tablet will deliver us to HTC. Her choice of tablet vendor is quite surprising, because the Taiwanese company has rather little experience with them, and although a few years ago introduced the Flyer model, it did not enjoy much interest. So HTC has decided that it is better to focus on smartphones.

But now she has changed her mind and is building Nexus 9. If you believe in the reports of Bright Side of News, it will officially debut tomorrow in a special presentation, where Google will also display Android L. Right after its completion, the sale of a new tablet will begin, and on November 3, the first devices will reach the buyers. The product costs 250 pounds, which, given the likely specification of the device, seems to be a very attractive price.