China has the first aircraft carrier

The Chinese army during the Korean War was based primarily on an overwhelming number of soldiers. Nowadays, to count on the international arena, you have to have modern equipment

The Chinese army has evolved over the years, replacing worn-out Russian equipment, modern aircraft, submarines and battle ships. So far, however, she did not have an aircraft carrier, at least until she acquired a unit called Liaoning.

Liaoning is the true pride of the Chinese army, and at the same time its first aircraft carrier. This is Admiral Admiral Kuznetsov, bought in 1998 from Ukraine for $ 25 million. Initially, it was purchased for the purpose of converting to a floating casino, which was supposed to operate off the coast of Macao. However, there were difficulties in obtaining the appropriate licenses, so instead, the unit was re-converted to an aircraft carrier.

Liaoning is 300 meters long and weighs 54 thousand. tone. Floating under the Ukrainian flag, he was driven by a set of 200,000 steam turbines. KM, however, now has two power turbines of 5 thousand. KM and nine turbo-power generators 2011 HP, as well as six diesel generators also 2011 KM. The drive allows him to develop a speed of 32 knots and provides a range of 3850 nautical miles. She is able to take enough stock to feed her crew of up to 45 people for 45 days.

The unit was equipped with three Aegis CIWS systems, a triple HQ-10 Cell missile system, and two ASW missile systems equipped with 12 missiles. On board there is also an active AESA scanning system and Sea Eagle radar.

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She will not, however, be involved in warfare for a while, because full training of the crew and the development of logistics and support will take at least 4-5 years. So far, he will serve as a research and training center and is to be stationed in the Qindago family port of Shandong province.