Applicants for a visa to the United States will be screened in social media

Soon it will be even harder to get a visa to the United States, especially for young people. The Department of Homeland Security is developing a plan for a more accurate examination of all persons wishing to come to the United States. Its part is also to look at what that person writes in social media.

If you love posing on Facebook with guns in your hand or putting a lot of photos of events where you are in a state of intoxication, you will have a serious problem getting a visa to enter the US The American government wants to more accurately check who is applying A visa, and part of it is to check how the applicant is behaving in social media.

The Department of Homeland Security’s pilot program has begun to examine selected applications from this angle a few months ago, but the agency wants to focus even more on this aspect after its recent fall. It turned out that a woman who was one of the shooters from San Bernardino, posted on the social networking sites jihadist support, but was not captured by the agency. It has managed to pass three verified in the past associated with the application of a visa, which was made when she moved from Pakistan to the USA.