Apple car can cost 55 thousand dollars

It is no longer a secret that Apple can work on its own electric car. But these types of cars are not cheap, and knowing the pricing policy of the American concern, we can expect really high prices. Analysts think that the car from the Cupertino company will have to pay up to $ 55,000.

Tesla Motors has treaded the trail to other electric car manufacturers who can now offer their own models to customers. One of them has a chance to become an Apple corporation, who has reportedly been working on his own car for some time, probably equipped with an electric motor. Although the company itself does not confirm these reports, the company’s human-resource moves, such as the hiring of former Tesla Motors specialists and many other automotive-related companies, have been highlighted.

The key issue is the price of such a car. We know that electric cars are not cheap and that Tesla Model S has to pay over $ 80,000. We also know the pricing strategy of the company, which offers its products at very high prices, so it is likely to use it in the case of its own vehicle.

So far, the car has not been officially announced, so without knowing its equipment it is difficult to speculate on the price. Still, analysts at Jefferies and Co. have decided to take up the task and claim that a car with a chewing apple on a mask can cost about $ 55,000.

In their view, this is the average price of this vehicle, as it will be offered in different variants that will, of course, be priced differently. Specialists also predict that the vehicle will be on sale in 2019 and Apple may sell it in quantities up to 200,000.